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May 23, 2023

May 08 - 14, 2023

1. Auctions sales statistics

Salvage vehicle sales totaled 105,206 units, representing a decrease of 3.14% (3,419 cars) from the previous week. 
Cars volume decreased by 1.49%. There were 2,697 less cars offered at live auctions this week. 
The average approval rate decreased by 1.0%.

Cars Volume vs Cars Sold

Cars went through LIVE auctions:Copart: 106,097 (⬆0.91%)IAAI: 71,576 (⬇4.86%)Total: 177,673 (⬇1.49%)
Sold cars:Copart: 65,019 (⬇0.25%)IAAI: 40,187 (⬇7.45%)Total: 105,206 (⬇3.14%)
Sale approvalCopart: 61.3% (⬇0.7%)IAAI: 56,1% (⬇1.6%)Avg: 59.2% (⬇1.0%)


Search trends at

What users at have been searching for over the past week is the AutoAstat Popularity Rating (AAPR).
According to the AAPR, the BMW 3-series has been researched 425 times this week, followed by the Tesla Model 3 (400 searches) and Audi Q5 (398). This suggests that our users are interested in these makes and models and are looking to buy them at auctions.


Top sellers of the week


State Farm Insurance was the leader in sales this week. They sold 15,747 cars. They are considered the best insurance company to buy from. Progressive Insurance followed with 12,516 cars sold. Geico insuranse sells cars at the highest bid, so it's worth considering them as a seller next time you're bidding.

Salvage cars sales volume


Top country buyers


If you have a PRO account with us, you can filter for the buyer's country and see which cars were sold to that specific country. This is very helpful in understanding trends and the market.

2. Car of the week

My personal pick of the week!

2016 BMW M4 GTS

Final bid: $57,400

As a track tool with road-approval and a lot of power, the BMW M4 GTS could be described as radical. However, this would not do justice to the 2016 BMW M vehicle, which was limited to 700 units. Here, state-of-the-art technology from motorsport has been implemented in a vehicle that excels both on the race track and on the country road with the highest levels of performance – and at the same time being able to stand up to any kind of opponent. Outstanding power to weight ratio. Lightweight interior. Maximum performance. Excellent purchase!


3. The most interesting lots

The best cars this week that deserve your attention


Final bid: $48,000 USD

Land Rover claims to be the “best 4 x 4 x far.” And Jeep says its Grand Cherokee is “the most capable sport-utility ever.”
Those are cute slogans. But long after the Rover and Jeep are buried up to their axles in mud, the Hummer will still be going strong.
I don’t think the Hummer can be stopped — unless it’s purposely plunged into a lake or steered off a cliff.
The Hummer makes no effort to coddle the driver in a leather and wood-lined cocoon. Aside from a decent radio, there isn’t much in the way of luxury features.

The price is very high on this vehicle not because of luxury amenities but because of its astounding ability to go anywhere at anytime. Rough terrain and life-threatening weather conditions do nothing to slow down the Hummer. It was designed to absorb the toughest abuse the military can dish out.


Final bid: $65,500 USD

The 2020 Aston Martin Vantage elicits a profound emotional response. It transcends the realm of mere transportation and becomes an embodiment of passion, beauty, and freedom. It's a testament to human ingenuity and the pursuit of perfection. It's a reminder that sometimes, in the face of adversity, something truly extraordinary can emerge.
But beyond its sheer performance, the 2020 Aston Martin Vantage becomes a companion, a source of solace in a chaotic world. It's there to embrace you during moments of solitude, offering an escape from the mundane. It becomes a trusted ally, accompanying you on unforgettable journeys and creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime.


Final bid: $68,500 USD

The 2017 Acura NSX is a car that elicits a whirlwind of emotions from the depths of your being. From the moment you lay eyes on its striking and futuristic design, you're immediately captivated by its sheer presence. The sleek lines and aggressive stance create a visual masterpiece that exudes power and sophistication.

As you slide into the driver's seat, you're engulfed in a world of precision and luxury. But it's when you bring the NSX to life that your heart truly races. The roar of the twin-turbocharged V6 engine combined with the electric motors ignites a fire within your soul. The seamless integration of hybrid technology and raw power creates an orchestra of performance that pushes the boundaries of what you thought was possible.

The NSX is an embodiment of passion, technology, and the sheer joy of driving, creating a connection that will forever remain etched in your heart.

4. Scam of the week

I've found cars from dealers that had the most auctions or did impressive repairs. Remember to check every vehicle of your interest at Copart and IAAI on autoAstat.


Auctions: 7

Selling this vehicle will be difficult. The previous condition is just horrific! I would stay away from it!

2020 LEXUS ES 300H

Auctions: 169

It's always important to check autoAstat before buying cars at salvage auto auctions.


5. Cars with the most bids

Cars that have the most bids are the ones that are most popular among buyers and have the most competition for purchase. It's important to note that just because a car has many bids, it doesn't necessarily mean it's the best deal or in the best condition. It's always important to thoroughly inspect the vehicle and do research on its history before making a bid.


Bids: 378

378 bids and no sale!

FINAL BID: $50,000 Not sold


Bids: 345

FINAL BID: $45,000 Not sold

6. Most Expensive Lots SOLD


Retail value: $424,850

Final bid: $250,000


Retail value: $192,008

Final bid: $146,000


Retail value: $234,035

Final bid: $140,525

7. $25 lots

Salvage Auto Auctions are the place to find amazing deals!My favorite category is...Let's see what $25 can get you at auctions these days... :)



SOLD: $25

No way!



SOLD: $25

No, no! This is imposible!



SOLD: $25

$25 for 2010 VOLKSWAGEN CC?! What!?

8. Price analysis

This week, I am taking a look at one of the most beloved EV's of recent years: the 2020-2023 TESLA MODEL Y

2020-2023 TESLA MODEL Y

You can see that the average price for the car was the cheapest in February 2023. So now is still the best time to buy a Tesla Model Y!
Did you know? You can analyze any car you are looking for on! Simply do your search, specify filters, and click on the Statistics tab. This feature is only available with a paid account.


Top locations gives you a visual perspective on which states sell the specified car the cheapest. As we can see from the analysis, this car is not popular in Nebraska. You may want to look for your next Tesla Model Y in that area!


Want to get a detailed price analysis for any vehicle? Try autoAstat now by clicking the button below.

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